Audience Engine was created by congera_transp Public Benefit Corporation

to disseminate open-source tools and strategies for media organizations and libraries worldwide.

congera_transp is a subsidiary of WFMU (aka Auricle Communications), a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation.




WFMU  |  Congera

Audience Engine is developed and operated by Congera Public Benefit Corporation, a for-profit C-corporation subsidiary of the 501(c)3 non-profit Auricle Communications, which owns and operates public radio station WFMU and the Free Music Archive website.


Station Manager Ken Freedman has been at WFMU’s helm since 1985, and is responsible for bringing the station online in 1997. Joined by Assistant General Manager Liz Berg in 2005, the team have developed the station’s extensive and massively successful online presence, which raises over 70% of WFMU’s annual budget.


By pairing online content, real-time playlist information, social media, and community interaction tools directly with crowdfunding campaigns, WFMU has not only built a positive and intelligent online community, but also a sustainable model that can be adopted by other organizations.


Ken and Liz combined the online tools they’ve developed with WFMU’s unique audience engagement strategy in Audience Engine, and can’t wait to help other media organizations build community online.


Web engineers at Bocoup and InsertCulture built Audience Engine’s prototype, and development for our market-ready product is now in the capable hands of Congera’s in-house technical team: Ross Oldenburg, Erik Schoster, and Steve Schmitz.