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Audience Engine is

A Crowdfunding Platform for Media Makers

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Audience Engine is

A New Path to Media Sustainability

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Audience Engine

Brings Together Media Makers and Their Fans

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Audience Engine is

A Community Building Strategy

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Audience Engine is

A Tool For Media and Democracy

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Audience Engine is

A Customizeable Open Source Platform

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Audience Engine

Puts Your Brand Out Front

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Audience Engine

Divides and Conquers Your Fundraising Problems

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Audience Engine has

An API Just Itching to Be Used

How it Works

Audience Engine is a new open-source suite of
community-building, fundraising and publishing tools. 






Publishers use their own content to build community,
and then marshal that community to keep themselves up and running.






It’s a new model for independent media sustainability in the digital age.


   Increase your traffic

   Engage with your audience

   Crowdfund around your content

  Survive and thrive in the digital age




Flexible Options



We offer a hosted platform for radio stations, news websites, digital libraries, videomakers, galleries, bands and artists who want to use their content to build and engage their audience, and thereby raise enough money to survive and thrive.



There’s no need to abandon your existing platform! Our a-la-carte selection of cross-platform, network agnostic tools will work in conjunction with your existing site, and if you have an IT brainiac on the premises, the tools are free to install, use and customize!

Introducing Audience Engine’s crowdfunding module


Fundraising on your own terms, right alongside your content. Why send your audience off-site to contribute?

Deputize your staff and fan communities to help you meet your goals.

Watch Ken Freedman introduce Mynte at Audience Engine’s November 2015 launch event:
















Tools on Deck

Coming soon: Audience Engine social tools, resources for journalists and radio stations.

Foster a positive, active community around your content on your own site.

Facilitate meaningful conversations and build loyalty that will pay back at fundraising time.

Be your audience’s first and second screen.





Watch Kenyatta Cheese, Co-founder of Everybody At Once, discuss the importance of engaging fan communities:




Quinn Norton, tech activist and journalist, demonstrates the importance of protecting your audience’s online privacy and security:

In the future…


  • Support for both individual filmmakers and collectives
  • Viewer annotation of videos
  • Clips and feature Management
  • Live controlled chat for live events
  • Crowdfund from existing catalogue for future productions



  • Responsive Design: Write once, publish everywhere
  • Neat and Clean, both front end and back
  • Make your content embeddable everywhere
  • API hooks for every aspect of your operation 
  • Customizable templates 


  • Build audience by item, collection, exhibit
  • Better search and access to your collection
  • Public engagement with your collection 
  • Improve sharability and embedability of your collection 
  • Crowdfund around your assets and your mission



Our Services

Audience Engine’s open-source code is free to use, and we also offer affordable packages to get you up and running faster.

Hosting solutions

Perfect for organizations lacking a full-time IT staff.


We’ll help build out our tools to suit your unique needs.

Implementation assistance & Training

We’ll get you up and running with Audience Engine in no time.

Donation administration

Manage and grow online donations (includes a small transaction fee).


Audience Engine was created by congera_transp Public Benefit Corporation

to disseminate open-source tools and strategies for media organizations and libraries worldwide.

congera_transp is a subsidiary of WFMU (aka Auricle Communications), a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation.




WFMU  |  Congera

Audience Engine is developed and operated by Congera Public Benefit Corporation, a for-profit C-corporation subsidiary of the 501(c)3 non-profit Auricle Communications, which owns and operates public radio station WFMU and the Free Music Archive website.


Station Manager Ken Freedman has been at WFMU’s helm since 1985, and is responsible for bringing the station online in 1997. Joined by Assistant General Manager Liz Berg in 2005, the team have developed the station’s extensive and massively successful online presence, which raises over 70% of WFMU’s annual budget.


By pairing online content, real-time playlist information, social media, and community interaction tools directly with crowdfunding campaigns, WFMU has not only built a positive and intelligent online community, but also a sustainable model that can be adopted by other organizations.


Ken and Liz combined the online tools they’ve developed with WFMU’s unique audience engagement strategy in Audience Engine, and can’t wait to help other media organizations build community online.


Web engineers at Bocoup and InsertCulture built Audience Engine’s prototype, and development for our market-ready product is now in the capable hands of Congera’s in-house technical team: Ross Oldenburg, Erik Schoster, and Steve Schmitz.



Investors & Partners


The Geraldine R Dodge Foundation

Open Tech Strategies

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 4.30.10 PM


Funding Opportunities

Audience Engine can accept:


Drop us a line to discuss funding options.

Our goal is for Audience Engine to be a self-sustaining business by 2020.


7/27/15 – Press Release announcing continuing support from the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation

and the closing for our first round of private investment

“A public radio station whose livelihood has depended on fundraising and community-building is preparing to share its tools with the rest of public media.”
– Current
“Audience Engine will include the core functions of the WFMU system — fundraising and community engagement.”
– Nieman Journalism Lab
“One of [Audience Engine’s] goals is to facilitate the construction of sustainable media.”
– Radio World
“…a public media-minded fundraising platform…”
– Billboard
“… we believe that Audience Engine can help tie together some of the most important functions of today’s news organizations – engagement, fundraising, and more – in ways that more general platforms can’t.”
– The Local News Lab
“… an online platform designed to help public media organizations raise money and engage communities.”
– Current
“Audience Engine’s goal is no less than changing how media outlets from radio stations to magazines interact with, and keep, their audiences. Oh, and make money.”
– Billboard
“Mynte provides secure logins and user profiles for websites and contains pledge-drive software that allows users to monitor pledges for specific programs.”
– Current
“… community based radio stations have to start thinking about online platforms that don’t effectively abandon discussion and networking to Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, or LinkedIn, and the rest of the usual suspects… once your listeners and/or website readers are off to Twitter/Facebook-land, they’re all but gone. They’re not commenting on your podcast or stream or blog post in your house. They’re far far away, helping Mark Zuckerberg bring in that advertisement and audience data cash.”
– Radio Survivor

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