7/27/15 – Press Release announcing continuing support from the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation

and the closing for our first round of private investment

“A public radio station whose livelihood has depended on fundraising and community-building is preparing to share its tools with the rest of public media.”
– Current
“Audience Engine will include the core functions of the WFMU system — fundraising and community engagement.”
– Nieman Journalism Lab
“One of [Audience Engine’s] goals is to facilitate the construction of sustainable media.”
– Radio World
“…a public media-minded fundraising platform…”
– Billboard
“… we believe that Audience Engine can help tie together some of the most important functions of today’s news organizations – engagement, fundraising, and more – in ways that more general platforms can’t.”
– The Local News Lab
“… an online platform designed to help public media organizations raise money and engage communities.”
– Current
“Audience Engine’s goal is no less than changing how media outlets from radio stations to magazines interact with, and keep, their audiences. Oh, and make money.”
– Billboard
“Mynte provides secure logins and user profiles for websites and contains pledge-drive software that allows users to monitor pledges for specific programs.”
– Current
“… community based radio stations have to start thinking about online platforms that don’t effectively abandon discussion and networking to Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, or LinkedIn, and the rest of the usual suspects… once your listeners and/or website readers are off to Twitter/Facebook-land, they’re all but gone. They’re not commenting on your podcast or stream or blog post in your house. They’re far far away, helping Mark Zuckerberg bring in that advertisement and audience data cash.”
– Radio Survivor